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Now that I have your attention I have a bunch of things to say, and don’t you race-baiters – and you know who you are – take one syllable out of context.

Here, on Dr. King’s  day, I am thinking about race issues that should not be race issues but that are none-the-less. There are some in the Black community that take every issue and make it a Black issue with the White folks. The REVERENDS Wright, Jackson, Sharpton, and others (peculiar that they are all Reverends; curious for sure because the way I was taught Reverends likely were a cut above, not here) take every opportunity to stir the race pot.

Take the Trayvon Martin case: WOW! Folks took to the streets vowing to riot depending on the outcome of the trial. It was called a hate crime, Zimmerman was called a racist, the jury was impugned as a bad jury, a Black congresswoman, whose very forgettable name escapes me (Waters?), was even bitching about the tragic incident being a hate crime. Self-defense for a White guy attacked by a Black guy apparently isn’t allowed; stand-your-ground is a bad law (if someone attacks you you’re supposed to wait around and see what his intentions REALLY are before you fight back); 17 year-old  Black guys are children who couldn’t possibly be guilty, and no jury is needed, thank you.

Fast forward a few weeks: Black kids in NJ beat a white kid about to death on a school bus. Where was the outrage? NOTHING!

Another incident: Three blacks (well, two blacks and one sort of black – said to be not Black and not White but of mixed race; nicely parsed), anyway the three decide to kill for fun of it. They were bored. Where was the outrage from the Black/White/mixed-race race-baiters? NOT THERE! Except to explain that one of these thugs was really sort of white.

Then there’s the two Black darlings who beat to death a decorated WW2 Vet because he had the temerity to resist. Oh wait! The angels are saying that it was a crack deal gone bad – the old warrior was really selling them drugs . . . There is always someone right there to believe any shameful story.

The one that really takes the cake is the Black kids who, in the process of robbing a young (White) woman pushing her baby in a stroller, just up and shot the baby in the face. The story has been spun to implicate the baby’s mother. Where’s the outrage? ISN’T ANY!

Closer to home, a Black person strung out on drugs went on a rampage in Boise, Idaho in a neighborhood where he attacked a 15-year-old and stole a skateboard, then continued on for a more than a mile leaving victims as he went including an off-duty firefighter who he all but killed. Again, NOTHING from the race-baiters – Black, White or otherwise. Am I repeating myself here?

I am so sick and tired of being labeled a racist SOB just for being White. I had plenty of issues when I was a kid since I was of  German lineage living in a small town right after WW2. You can imagine that for yourself.

Injustice happens. It isn’t good, but it happens. Somehow the German-Americans got over it. The Japanese-Americans got over it. But too many Black-Americans like to wallow. It isn’t enough, apparently, that a Black President was elected and then re-elected. (Or is Obama mixed-race? Apparently he’s Black and not White, although for the life of me I can’t tell you why that is except that he identifies more with his Black father than he does with his White mother and grandparents.)

I wonder if most Blacks even know the history about slavery. Americans participated, yes, but they didn’t go and round up the slaves themselves. Africans grabbed up people from other tribes and sold them to slave traders. One might say that was one of the first BLACK-ON-BLACK CRIMES.

Slavery, unfortunately, has been a part of many cultures, and not just Black cultures. Also Greek, Roman, Celts, European, and Native American. See for an overview of the history of slavery.

Some say the biggest problem Blacks have in modern society is poverty, others say education, still others say a social system that doesn’t give them a chance. Whether it is or isn’t any or all of those things, there is no justification at all to excuse violence where it occurs and to indulge in race-baiting to further it. There are better things to do with our money than fill jails with Black men.

Enough for now. Stay tuned.

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